We make anything possible.

Li & Fung sources, creates and delivers products to brands and retailers worldwide.

We are the world’s leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company. We serve our customers by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting their needs through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

We leverage our extensive global network, depth of experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolving consumer and production trends. As one of the world’s largest sourcing and distribution platforms, our customer relationships, supplier network, and operations are unrivaled.

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Our trading business is the core of Li & Fung and provides sourcing services across multiple product lines to retailers and brands across the globe. 

Through a network of over 15,000 suppliers in more than 40 markets, Li & Fung strives to find quality-conscious, sustainable and cost-effective manufacturers to match the production needs of our customers worldwide.

We collaborate. We innovate. We source. We oversee.

As a global multi-channel sourcing platform supplier, we have the unique capability to serve our customers' business and product needs regardless of how they source their products; either through our agency-based sourcing services or our product-focused principal trading solutions, where we act as importer/wholesaler or direct supplier.

We create an array of consumer goods across a wide range of product categories. These include everything from designer apparel to home decor and furnishings, children's clothing, handbags and accessories, toys, sporting goods and footwear, as well as health and beauty products.

Our agency-based sourcing services, in which we act as a strategic sourcing partner to our customers under long-term contracts, represent a significant part of our trading business. Under our agency sourcing arrangements, we provide strategic sourcing services to our customers, such as product development and costing, factory compliance, order processing, manufacturing control, and logistics. To enhance our customers' competitiveness, we also provide trend forecasting, market analysis, industry intelligence, raw material procurement, and strategic insights on the global supply chain to help our customers procure high quality products with short lead time and speed to market.

In our product-focused principal trading business we act as a principal supplier to our customers, operating primarily on a merchandise program-by-program basis; where the terms of each order are mutually agreed on a per program basis. We are continuing to develop our product expertise and move deeper into product verticals to solidify our leadership position in specific product categories.

Our comprehensive product design and development capabilities enable us to take an initial design idea all the way through to the finished product in the consumer’s hands. We constantly strive to address each customer’s specific needs in the areas of design, sales and marketing, and distribution as well as responsibly managing the entire supply chain end to end. Our dedicated teams of product specialists focus on each customer segment, leveraging their close ties with suppliers to offer inside knowledge that helps customers make informed buying decisions.

Our customers include global brands, department stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, catalogue-led companies, and e-tailers.

Our global multi-channel sourcing platform allows us to capture sourcing opportunities from customers that use various channels to source their merchandise. We offer flexible solutions to our customers and work with them across multiple product categories and production markets, no matter how they sell or how they want to buy from us. By tapping into our global network and expertise to manage their supply chain complexity, our customers can focus on retailing and branding, while optimizing their sourcing strategies, ensuring speed to market and better cost and quality control.

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LF Logistics operates an extensive global network. Our end-to-end solution spans the time the product leaves the factory to the time it reaches the hands of the consumer.

We offer a comprehensive menu of logistics solutions, including distribution center management, transport management, freight forwarding, hubbing and consolidation, order management services and other value-added services. We are focused on moving our customers’ products efficiently through the supply chain.

Delivering fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solutions

Our logistics business provides holistic, integrated solutions for our customers through our in-country logistics and global freight management services. Unlike traditional logistics service providers, we have deep understanding of our customers' supply chains and product flows. Our knowledge and network along the entire global supply chain allow us to offer long term collaborative solutions to our customers.  

Our in-country logistic business offers Asia-focused logistics and supply chain solutions, and specializes in the key verticals of footwear and apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, retail and electronics. We have a strong portfolio of blue chip customers, servicing top-tier firms in our respective verticals. We provide a menu of contract logistics services under our in-country logistics business, including the traditional distribution center management, order management, local (including last mile) transportation, as well as more innovative and sophisticated services, such as hubbing and consolidation, data analytics and e-logistics fulfillment services.

Our global freight management business offers full service international freight services, including procurement of international freight, freight consolidation and forwarding, and origin and destination cross-border logistics services.

We’re not just about moving things from one place to another. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans so our customers never have to worry about the journey. We create value through execution excellence, operational efficiency and service innovation. As an asset-light operator, we optimize our resource allocation based on customer demand, and we enhance our flexibility and responsiveness through information technology and network sharing.

Competition in the fast-changing logistics industry is intense. Our ability to sense and respond effectively to changes is essential to a sustainable and profitable operation.

By employing both analytics tools and models based on our deep experience we design optimum solutions for our customers. We develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans to manage anticipated risks. Our best-in-class IT systems provide efficiency and tracking visibility across every aspect of our customers’ supply chains.