Engaging our communities - Li & Fung

Our strategy

Engaging our communities

Caring for and investing in our communities is integral to building sustainable communities and economies that will thrive for generations to come.

In 2016, we launched our corporate foundation to guide and support our initiatives to make a difference along the supply chain and in our communities. Through the Li & Fung Foundation we aim to harness our strengths, global networks, local knowledge, relationships and our some 15,000 people across key production countries, to make positive impacts.

Activating communities

We channel the expertise, interests, time and talent of our people around the world to raise awareness and solve social and environmental needs. We do this by encouraging and supporting our people who volunteer their time and share their skills to help transform lives and contribute to the wellbeing of our communities through locally-organized activities and global campaigns.

Convening our partners along the supply chain

Our unique position on the global supply chain enables us to leverage our networks, people and partnerships for impact, to implement specific projects that build sustainable, shared value for all stakeholders.

As convening catalysts, we recognize the power of collaboration to bring about change in the industry, so we partner with customers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders around the world to address the development challenges our industry faces.

Focusing on exponential impact

We plan to further harness technology, information, networks and passion to implement scalable initiatives that can be expanded to positively impact substantial numbers of beneficiaries. We aim to create great change in the world by partnering with companies and organizations inside and outside of our ecosystem. We believe in the power of exponential thinking and actions to create a better world for our people, communities, and for workers in our supply chains.

You can read more on the Li & Fung Foundation website.