Wellbeing - Li & Fung

myRun is one of our global initiatives to encourage colleagues around the world to organize or participate in a local race. Not only is running a great team-building activity for colleagues, it helps promote a healthier lifestyle and a chance to support great causes in the local communities where our people live and work.

It all started in 2009 when some two hundred Li & Fung colleagues participated in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon. Founded in 1997, the marathon has since become a signature international sporting event in Hong Kong, and one of the key myRun activities that people look forward to each year. In 2018, Li & Fung had 520 colleagues, family members and friends participate.

What started as an annual marathon in Hong Kong has grown into a global initiative with local offices taking the lead in organizing or taking part in a local race, charity run or other running event across the globe. To ensure that every participating office is fully equipped for their myRun activity, Li & Fung sources branded shirts and creates official campaign collateral to help people generate buzz about their race around their office.


LF Has Heart global campaign

Every March marks the start of our LF Has Heart global campaign which lasts throughout the year. One pint of blood can save three lives and giving blood helps contribute to the communities where we live and work having a consistent blood supply.

Our colleagues around the world show their support by wearing red, hosting health talks, donating blood or registering as an organ donor in order to give back to this important cause. In 2017, a total of 900 pints of blood were donated, which was enough to save the lives of up to 2,703 people in critical need.


Movember: raising awareness about men’s health

Each year in November, colleagues at Li & Fung turn the spotlight towards men’s health by taking part in Movember, an international campaign that began in Australia in 1999 to change the face of men’s health. Our ‘Mo Bros’ spend 30 days growing a moustache and ‘Mo Sisters’ join in to help raise awareness on men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression through activities such as fundraisers, health talks, film screenings and more.

In 2017 our colleagues gathered together for the Li & Fung Star Jump Challenge for the second year running. Colleagues around the world did 25 star jumps and nominated three others to do the same to complete Li & Fung’s ambitious goal of 10,000 jumps within one month. From China to Portugal, colleagues jumped in their own unique way, blasting through 10,000 jumps in the first two weeks and racking up a total of 20,025 star jumps by the end of the month.

In recent years, we have collaborated closely with Movember organizers to ensure that our campaign would reach as many colleagues as possible. With permission, we translated their brochure of health tips for men into nine different languages, thanks to the help of our colleagues. The translated materials were then distributed locally – in our offices, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers around the world.

In 2017, men and women around the world reached out to their networks and into their pockets to raise funds for the Movember Foundation. We raised US$4,910 and with the US$10,000 matching from the Li & Fung Foundation, Li & Fung donated a total of US$14,910 – taking a spot in the top 3 on the Movember Hong Kong leaderboard for the fourth year in a row.


Business Ethics & Integrity Workshops

To reinforce our commitment to operating our business ethically and with integrity, we established a working group of representatives from business divisions and our legal, compliance and learning and development teams.

In 2017, our Business Ethics and Integrity Education Working Group rolled out Company-wide Business Ethics & Integrity Workshops in 19 locations, involving over 2,800 colleagues and 41 participants from 30 of our suppliers. Through presentations, case studies and group exercises, our colleagues learned how to better recognize, understand and steer clear of the “high risk” areas involving various integrity issues that could have a negative reputational impact.

The workshops equipped our colleagues with skills to guide them in taking appropriate courses of action, and aligned our suppliers to both our Company’s business practices and our customers’ standards. To sustain this important initiative, we also rolled out train-the-trainer programs in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taipei, and certified 64 leaders as trainers to conduct learning sessions in various locations.