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Our strategy

Managing our footprint

We responsibly manage our operations to reduce our impact and raise awareness to champion change.

We are a recipient of the Hong Kong Award for Environmental Excellence – Gold Award for the Servicing and Trading sector and the Hong Kong Green Organization Certificate from the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Environmental Campaign Committee, covering the years 2016-2018.

Environmental Awareness

We inspire our people to be mindful of how they can reduce environmental impact in their daily lives and we support them by acting to reduce our consumption and waste and by expanding our procurement of items with sustainable attributes.

Read more about our environmental awareness.

Sustainable design

Integrating sustainability features into how we design, build and renovate our spaces is essential to reducing our footprint and maintaining a healthy, safe and aesthetically-pleasing working environment for our people.

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Resource management

Resources such as energy, water and raw materials are essential inputs to our business. We are committed to using resources wisely and efficiently and reducing waste generation within our own operations.

Read more about our resource management and download our 2019 environmental performance data, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption and our footprint reduction initiatives. You can also review our 2018 environmental performance and greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption data.