Environmental awareness - Li & Fung

Each year, our colleagues come together in support of Li & Fung’s annual Clean Up Our World campaign to make the world a cleaner place through environmental initiatives. Colleagues around the world organize activities in their local communities. From tree planting to beach clean ups, guest speakers, happy hours, film screenings and more, it’s all about raising awareness of environmental issues and sharing information and tips on how we as individuals can make a difference. Some recent initiatives include:


Protecting the beach in Qingdao

Our colleagues in Qingdao joined forces with local sanitation workers to clean up a seaweed bloom threatening to take over their favorite beach. The Qingdao office is located near that very beach and it is a place of respite for many colleagues during lunch and breaks. In recent years a type of seaweed had developed, believed to be caused by the effects of water contamination. A group of concerned colleagues spent an afternoon, armed with shovels and rakes, pitching in to clear the seaweed and clean the beach.


Tree planting in Cambodia

Colleagues in Cambodia partnered with locally- based vendors to plant more than 200 mangroves at Trapaing Sangke Fishery Community, near Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh. Mangroves are important for families living along coastal areas because they help protect shorelines from soil erosion, storms, tidal waves and flooding. They also provide a source of shelter and food for local marine life.