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Services for suppliers

Our suppliers are key partners in our goal to build the supply chain of the future

Our solutions for mills, factories and other vendors are designed to help them navigate supply chain complexity and compliance demands – all to accelerate the creation of sustainable supply chains. We have a variety of programs to build capacity for our supplier base as well as training programs and services to help factories build sustainable, compliant operations.

The vendor portal

Total Sourcing is our secure vendor portal enabling suppliers to connect online, around the clock, providing end-to-end transparency as they manage their relationship with Li & Fung and others such as secondary suppliers, banks and carriers. From orders, payments, tracking, shipping, documentation and labelling there is a single point of data capture ensuing quality control at the source.

17 Apr 2018 | 1:51

Sustainability Resource Center

Our Sustainability Resource Center is an online platform open to all our suppliers and factories, providing them with access to an extensive library of compliance improvement programs, toolkits and sustainability training and resources.

In 2018, Li & Fung provided its health and safety training material to Sedex to share widely among its membership. To date, over 100 members have viewed our health and safety videos.

The website houses all our learning videos, include the core compliance videos that are also publicly available on Youtube.

Toolkits on how to improve key areas of business operations and health and safety are also available on the website and cover topics such as Occupational Health & Safety, Building Safety Management, Fire Safety Management, Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment, Employee Relations and Workforce Planning.

Li & Fung’s Sustainable Suggestions for our Partners are “how to get started” modules on: energy and water efficiency, GHG reduction, sustainable buildings, waste management, lean manufacturing, and human resources.

Capacity-building program

To support factories in their efforts to improve performance, we offer tailored programs to meet their needs for training and capability building on a variety of social, environmental and other topics. Our goal is to equip suppliers with the skills to develop their businesses sustainably and drive their own continuous improvement. Our capacity building courses include a variety of modules that address labor practices, health & safety, environmental sustainability, risk assessment, security practices as well as other topics. Download our brochure to learn more.

You can read more about our other initiatives for suppliers from the ‘Our Supply Chain’ section on our 2019 Annual Report.

Fung Manufacturing Excellence Program

Today’s factories are faced with rising costs of material and labor, pressure from retailers for lower pricing, tougher business regulations and more exacting social and environmental requirements.

The Fung Manufacturing Excellence Program aims to equip Li & Fung suppliers with leading manufacturing concepts helping them become more competitive, responsible and sustainable. Beginning with leadership training, the goal is to instill a renewed mind-set of excellence among factory leaders and operators. FMEP teaches Lean Manufacturing methodologies and enables hands-on practice through a real-life project. Seeing positive results fuels the passion for future improvement and promotes active learning and peer-to-peer coaching. Download the FMEP brochure and read our case study to learn more.

As part of FMEP and in 2018, we launched a user-friendly End of Line QC application for accurate, real-time data at the end of each sewing line. This application digitizes production data, providing various benefits for improved efficiency and quality control. In addition, the solution provides clear, unbiased, transparent records to support accurate calculations of piece rates for workers. The application is currently operational in seven factories across three countries.