Investing in potential

Giving people the opportunity to learn and grow can help transform lives and contribute to the wellbeing of our communities. Throughout our global network we partner with local organizations to help children, youth and adults who may be disadvantaged or disenfranchised to access education, learn new skills and grow personally and professionally. We provide donations, sponsorships and volunteer our time to make a difference.

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Helping communities in need

The communities where we live and work are as unique geographically as their specific needs. To make a meaningful difference we seek to raise awareness of social and environmental issues to maximize the impact. We do this by mobilizing our people through both global campaigns supporting universal issues and locally-organized activities that target specific needs.

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Mobilizing for change

Working with our customers, suppliers and community partners across the supply chain, we share our skills and expertise and leverage our networks and people for action and impact to effect change.

Read some examples of how we mobilize for change

Read more about our initiatives in the ‘Our communities’ section of our Annual Report