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Li & Fung is creating supply chains of the future. As entrepreneurs, we create innovative products and provide end-to-end solutions for brands and retailers globally.

We are using speed, innovation and digitalization to transform our business in ways the industry has never seen. Our teams thrive on collaboration and embrace diversity as a driver of innovation. They are the source of our strength and expertise, and the reason for our success.

We may have different backgrounds, but we share many things in common: a commitment to great design, innovation, teamwork, and delighting our customers. Every day, our people design, source, produce and deliver consumer goods across multiple product categories to shoppers around the world. Watch our video to learn more.

Li & Fung | A Call for Creators
22 Mar 2018 | 1:18

Join us to create the future of supply chains

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Our commitment to our people

We are putting purpose at the core of what we do at Li & Fung to make a difference along the supply chain and in our communities. Our goal is to create the Supply Chain of the Future to help our customers navigate the digital economy and to improve the lives of one billion people in the supply chain. You can learn more about our purpose and values.

We are committed to the creation of an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected, no matter who they are. We know that learning is continual and are dedicated to investing in the future of our people.

Engaging our people, improving supply chain sustainability, responsibly managing our footprint and engaging our communities are the four strategic pillars of our Li & Fung ESG Strategy. Our people initiatives focus on three areas: engaging our diverse and inclusive global workforce, enhancing the wellbeing of our people, and attracting and developing talent.

Engaging our diverse and inclusive global workforce

Engagement is a core initiative at Li & Fung. It’s about celebrating and supporting our diverse and inclusive global workforce, and encouraging each other to thrive. We believe connecting through heartfelt engagement provides an environment that is entrepreneurial and respectful, fostering long-term commitment to the company.

  • Diversity & Inclusion
    We are committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace, where diversity of gender, ethnicity, thought, generation, sexual orientation and ability are valued. We proudly promote our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative to raise awareness, change perceptions and empower our people to celebrate our diversity and engage in conversations on what it means to foster an inclusive working environment for all. Read our Diversity and Inclusion Statement.
  • Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
    Maintaining a respectful workplace free from discrimination and harassment of any form and providing equal opportunities for all our people, in support of international declarations on human and labor rights, is of utmost importance. We affirm these commitments in our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics and our D&I initiative reinforces and supports our people to live these commitments. All new employees learn about our Code during orientation and ongoing training in Business Ethics & Integrity Workshops. You can also read our Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy and Procedure.

Enhancing the wellbeing of our people

We educate, support, and empower our employees to improve and maintain their overall health and wellbeing. We know that happy and healthy employees lead contribute to business success. “Discover Wellness” is the foundation for our Health & Wellness Framework, addressing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

  • MyRun
    myRun is one of our global initiatives to encourage colleagues around the world to run to stay active. Not only is running a great team-building activity, it helps promote a healthier lifestyle and a chance to support great causes in our local communities.
  • Movember: raising awareness about men’s health
    Each November, our ‘Mo Bros’ spend 30 days growing a moustache and ‘Mo Sisters’ join in to raise awareness through fundraisers, health talks, film screenings and more. To ensure the message reaches as many as possible, we translated health tips into different languages to share across our offices and distribution centers around the world.

Attracting and developing talent

Attracting and developing the best skills and talent is a priority. We believe building a strong culture of learning plays a vital role in the sustainable evolution of our company and we provide opportunities for our people to learn and develop through a variety of programs.

  • Innovation and Experimentation Programs
    Advancements in technology are disrupting our industry, creating new opportunities and uncertainties about the future business landscape. Experimentation enables us to explore the future to uncover new sources of value and foster an innovation mindset. The Fung Academy plays the role of a catalyst to create inspiration and provide creative confidence to propel our colleagues to invent faster and explore further.
  • Leading Self-leading others
    Our two-day leadership development program has been evolving since 2015. Participants go through various simulation exercises and are given tasks to help them better understand their own, and other people’s, leadership styles and attributes so they can improve how they communicate and engage with their teams, as well as give and receive feedback.
  • LF Adventure
    In welcoming new colleagues into our Li & Fung family we want them to feel a strong sense of belonging. We know that the better the onboarding experience, the greater the impact we will have in engaging and retaining our new colleagues. To enhance this experience, we launched ‘LF Adventure’ beginning in our Hong Kong office, a journey guided by a mobile app and complemented with a new buddy system, ‘LF Pal,’ where new joiners are paired with colleagues who help them integrate into our workplace culture and act as a source of information and guidance.