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Supply chain innovation

LF Jeanswear

LF Jeanswear represents the collective experience and expertise of the global denim community within Li & Fung.

We provide end-to-end supply chain services to brands and retailers with a clear focus on delivering denim innovation, digital excellence, sustainable production and what we call our Triple A Supply Chain – agile, adaptable and aligned.

Denim innovation

Denim expertise

Leverage our team of denim specialists, with rich experience in developing designs, patterns and washes for leading brands and retailers across the globe.

Cutting-edge technologies

Create the most innovative denim by tapping into our network of leading mills and factories with best-in-class denim technologies.

Market intelligence

Boost your product sales with the help of our analytics and market intelligence team. Our real-time insights can help you identify and apply emerging trends to enhance your designs.

Digital excellence

Trend Engine Platform

Get insights into best-selling products based on market data with our Trend Engine Platform and adjust your product strategy to improve sales.

Digital Design Platform

Leverage our proprietary 2D and 3D design capabilities to enable a faster turnaround time for product development and speed to market.

First Insight x Li & Fung

Leverage our partnership with First Insight to enable Voice of the Customer analytics to select, price and buy designs with greater confidence, increasing sell through and reducing mark downs.

Sustainable production

Sustainable materials and chemicals

Leverage our experience in working with a wide range sustainable materials and chemicals to make your denim more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable machinery

Reduce the environmental impact of your denim production by using the latest, more sustainable, denim machinery at our partner factories.

Impact assessment

Measure your denim production’s sustainability level with our Environmental Impact Measurement (EIM) system and formulate a plan to improve your score.

Our partnerships

The LF Jeanswear works with a range of industry partners to ensure sustainable production every step of the way.

Our ‘Triple A’ supply chain


Reduce your product development cycle by up to five weeks by leveraging our end-to-end supply chain capabilities for a seamless experience, from product development to sourcing and logistics.


Our global network of suppliers and factories allows you to mitigate risks and adapt to ever-changing market conditions, giving you the flexibility to switch production across different markets.


Our Li & Fung control tower system provides you with visibility across all aspects of your supply chain to ensure our performance aligns with your expectations.

Connect with us!

Visit our website or reach out to the LF Denim team at lfdenimlab@lifung.com.