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Supply chain innovation

Our business

We convene the global supply chain

Li & Fung creates customized, end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions for brands and retailers worldwide. What sets us apart is our high degree of flexibility and scalability which is unrivaled in our industry.

Millions of consumer goods pass through Li & Fung’s supply chain every year. For that to happen, our global supply chain connects thousands of suppliers and vendors with leading brands and retailers, all with the goal of meeting consumer demand. We focus on managing complexity and risk to maximize your profitability.

Starting with product design and development and including everything from compliance to raw material and factory sourcing, manufacturing control, logistics, and more, we offer end-to-end services for all stakeholders in the consumer goods supply chain. Our offices and teams are based in over 40 sourcing and production markets, giving us the expertise and extensive network of supply chain partners needed to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.

We are creating the Supply Chain of the Future

The retail industry is undergoing massive change and disruption and this has resulted in a transformational change to traditional supply chain management.

At Li & Fung, we’re building a digital supply chain with innovative services and solutions to help our customers and suppliers navigate the digital economy. A fully digital global supply chain will enable us to be a catalyst for change, delivering data-driven insights for faster, smarter business decisions.

Our goal is to fully digitalize each step of the supply chain so data can flow seamlessly, providing end-to-end visibility for our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. This means they can stay ahead of the disruption at retail, capture and share data across the entire value chain to enable smarter, faster and more effective decisions, ensuring business sustainability.

Our digital tools enabling speed and innovation as never before.

Working with brands and retailers

We offer the flexibility for our customers to choose from a number of different business models (including that of an agent, importer, wholesaler or supplier). This unique model enables us to work with any type of customer from luxury brands to hypermarkets, whether they sell online, offline or multi-channel, and under any type of partnership.

From apparel, general merchandise and home, to accessories and footwear, at the heart of our business is a passion to create beautiful products that enhance the lives and experiences of consumers around the world.

Working with suppliers

We partner with our suppliers to focus on capacity building enabling them to better manage their factories, introducing greater efficiency and supporting our suppliers to improve factory working conditions to meet ever-changing industry expectations, for the benefit of workers, and all industry participants.

Our suppliers are in all key production markets around the world allowing us to flexibly move production across markets, balance capacity constraints and better meet customer needs. You can read more on our Supplier section.

Our business structure

The business structure of Li & Fung is designed to meet our customers changing needs. Our businesses include supply chain solutions, logistics solutions and onshore wholesale businesses in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Supply chain solutions

While we maintain our core sourcing services, we have moved beyond the traditional role of a sourcing agency and are creating collaborative digital platforms for all of our supply chain partners – connecting our customers and suppliers as never before. Our mission is to enable brands and retailers to create relevant products that their consumers love. By providing a suite of digital solutions , we are creating the supply chains of the future, deliver speed, innovation and profitability. Visit our Supply Chain Solutions section to learn more.

Global Freight Services

GFS is a leading global freight forwarder of ocean, air and intermodal transportation services. With a global network of our offices closely connected with forwarding agents, we go the extra mile to ensure your consignment is transported strategically and cost-effectively. We provide integrated, scalable and cost-efficient sea, air, rail, road and inter-modal transport as well as CFS warehousing, customs brokerage and other supply chain solutions such as vendor and order management and control tower services. With our intelligent shipping planning expertise, we can optimize your freight network to adapt to changing situations. We thrive on challenges. In this ever-changing and disruptive market, our highly experienced team can tailor the best services to suit your business needs, ensuring that your goods move seamlessly. From factory to final destination, we connect origins and destinations to help you ship reliably. For more information, visit www.gfsmanagement.com

Onshore wholesale

Our onshore wholesale business includes teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia and covers a vast product range including ladies, men’s and children’s fashion, home and hard goods, promotional items, fireworks and seasonal celebration items. The common thread across all our product teams is the commitment to creativity, innovation and design.

You can read more about what we do and how we connect the supply chain to bring our customers the goods they rely on every day.