Business overview - Li & Fung

Supply chain innovation

Business overview

Li & Fung’s business includes two key segments: Services and Products. Services comprises supply chain solutions and logistics solutions, including Asia-focused in-country logistics and global freight management. The products segment comprises three products verticals and onshore wholesale businesses in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Supply chain solutions

We have moved beyond the role of the traditional sourcing agent, and we are able to offer much more to our customers and suppliers than ever before – providing a full circle of component solutions. Whether through virtual-sampling, dynamic costing, 3D-fitting, smart factory solutions and retail technology we are creating the supply chain of the future, delivering innovation, speed and margin enhancement.

Logistics solutions

We are a leading logistics services provider specializing in key verticals of footwear and apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, retail and electronics. Through in-country logistics and global freight management, we provide holistic, integrated solutions spanning the time the product leaves the factory to when it reaches the hands of the end-consumer. Our knowledge and network along the entire global supply chain and retail industry gives us unique insight into creating long-term collaborative solutions for our customers. We’re not just about moving things from one place to another. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans so our customers never have to worry about the journey.

Onshore wholesale

Our onshore wholesale business has teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia and covers a vast product range including ladies, men’s and children’s fashion, home and hard goods, promotional items, fireworks and seasonal celebration items. The common thread across all our product teams is a commitment to creativity, innovation and design.

You can learn more about what we do and how we connect the supply chain to bring our customers the goods they rely on every day.